Sofi appreciation post!

I’ve seen some rather negative posts on the treehouse lately complaining about wait times/bugs etc. I thought it would be nice to start a positive thread of all the things we love about sofi & the team!

Personally I love how unique the sofi journey is, I haven’t heard of another product like it. The team are so friendly & always happy to help & advise on any issues we may be having (were the testing team, it’s our job to constructively point out ways we think out experience can be improved!) & I’m still amazed we are lucky enough to experience this for FREE! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Big well done to the hardworking team!

Remember to be kind pioneers, everyone is working their hardest :heart:


That sums it up for me too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you


I very much appreciate how hard Sofi work on thier product. I think I just got confused thinking it was okay to join in, and that Sofi want to hear feedback/suggestions/about bugs. I hadn’t meant sharing my experience to come across as negative or unkind towards the team. I am so sorry that I got that wrong, I feel terrible I have come across that way and contributed to you making this call out post. I’ll stick to just the app and stay away from the treehouse from now on. I’m so sorry Sofi Team. Thank you for clearing up the confusion and putting it right @freya.coxx. Sofi are definitely awesome, do great work and should be totally appreciated!! Happy treehousing.
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@freya.coxx - so very grateful for the lovely and encouraging post! That is truly kind of you to think of us, and I’ve circulated your words to the rest of the team.

And not at all @Calluna! - you are totally right; the treehouse is a space for all opinions (and especially the struggles of being a sofi Pioneer!)

Understanding where we still have room to improve as a company is the only way we can grow - and we can only do so with the help of our Pioneers. :pray: :blush:

Honesty is absolutely encouraged here, and the treehouse wouldn’t be the empathetic and supportive community hub that it is if everyone only shared the good stuff!

We know that all feedback, good or bad, is making sofi even better in the long run, so please don’t ever be worried about offending us. xx


Hi Calluna!

This post was in no way aimed at you, giving feedback and pointing out bugs or changes we would like is what we’re here for! :slight_smile:
It was just a reminder to some that seem to be very thoughtless with their words and how they phrase their complaints, almost as if they are trying to blame the team rather than point out ways they think sofi could improve. Any post of yours I’ve seen has always been worded constructively! :heart:


Absolutely, i never thought that Freya’s comments were in any way directed at you. I’m glad that Freya and Alex have come back to you to reassure you.
As Alex said, all feedback is useful but, as Freya said, not all has been expressed in a constructive way.
Most of us, I’m sure, are very grateful for the efforts of the Sofi team and for the opportunity to try the herbal sprays before they are marketed.
I don’t expect my ideas or comments about sofi to all be helpful but i am happy to feel able to post my thoughts in the knowledge that the sofi team are open-minded and keen to receive feedback from their pioneers :blush:


Hi @freya.coxx i absolutely agree, the sofi team go above and beyond for everyone, thye certainly made me feel welcome, and they’ve been a great source of encouragement to help me, everyone on the trial, to get better sleep. I stumbled across Sofi by accident, I’m so glad I did, the team are welcoming, they gave me all the info needed to run the trial past my oncologist, and the passiflora was a very big help when I was in hospital, my little box of rainbows was delivered and my hubby brought it in for me, I’d gone 5 days on 3 or 4 hours of very broken sleep. That night I used the passiflora spray and gave instructions to the night staff to just leave me and close my door, I was luckily in a single room, and I only woke once in the night, and went straight back to sleep, the nurse left my morning meds until 7.15am and i was still asleep, it was a life saver. Since then the team have gone out of their way to help, be it helping with daft questions, or giving me the valerian to try. So many people focus on the negatives, they forget that its a free trial, and though i know I’ve missed a few days of journaling, and ive been manually logging my sprays, sometimes I forget that too, but I do my best, and its important to those of us who are insomniacs to try the sofi spray, but its just as important to give feedback honestly, this trial doesn’t even ask for postage, and the teqm have gone above and beyond, when we get the sprays, its our turn to go above and beyond and give feedback, big pat on the back for all the team, both those in the background who beaver away quietly and to those that answer our queries and give help and motivation when needed, and without this trial, how many people would have gone through life having little sleep, this is a lifeline for so many people. Forgive me for waffling, I’m good at that.


Hi all, not posted much lately as I’ve not had a lot to say but I had to pitch in on this one. I have nothing but good things to say about everyone in the Sofi project. The way in which all of the team seem to pull together is admirable and we, as pioneers should feel proud to be part of it. Enough said. Have a great day everybody xx.


Such a great post Freya and I completely with all the content. I consider myself to be so very fortunate and proud to be a part of this journey… thank you Sofi :blush: