Sofi box cant wait

Cant wait to receive my pod…ive already started my journal hoping this really helps me


Agreed, twins! I recognise that suppliers can experience their own production issues but I completed my first ten journals some time ago and cannot wait, either!


Welcome to sofi @Twins and thrilled to have you here!

As you progress through your journey, you’ll be asked to complete various steps that are available for your reference anytime on your pioneer journey map (which you can access by tapping the compass icon along the bottom of your app screen) - and this will serve as your guide.

If you have any questions along the way please don’t hesitate to reach out :blush::tulip:

Happy Pioneering !

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Keep an eye out for your sofi surprise arriving to you soon @neatby as I just received confirmation that it was shipped on the 17th! :raised_hands: :love_letter:

Thanks for the heads up, Alex. Any further word from the spray suppliers on availability?

Warm wishes
Andrew Neatby-Smith

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It’s an interesting question @neatby :slight_smile:

Our pioneer programs operate in waves of different plants, (for example last year we trialled valerian and passiflora and this year we’re beginning with ashwgaandha and hops) - all to support discoveries of better sleep and calm!

We also ship pioneer packs (containing your sofi pod and formulation capsule spays) on a first come first serve basis, as well as how active you are as a Pioneer.

This is not without reason, as in order for sofi to make unique discoveries about your experience with the plants, it’s essential to provide the sofi “brain” a really strong understanding of your current sleep and mood - which requires consistent daily journaling.

In this sense, whether we have leftover ashawgandha packs to assign, or we move on to the production of hops, do not fear, as there’ll be plenty of room to participate - and we also plan to send out refills of previous plants at different stages in time, so you’ll even get a chance to try previous waves!

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Alex, when you say you ship pioneer packs on a first come first serve basis and on a Pioneer’s level of activity, where do I stand at the moment?



I’m afraid I don’t have an idea which wave this will be until your sofi surprise arrives and your Pioneer Pack is reserved! We do not place caps on the number of Pioneer Packs reserved though, (i.e. It is essentially guaranteed that you will reserve one) - just not within which specific wave it will be received.

Don’t worry as we make a dedicated effort to squeeze active Pioneers in asap - so we’ll see what we can do to get your pioneer pack to you very soon :blush: :pray:

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