Whwn will my sprays arrive

When will my sprays arrive as haven’t had them yet please can someome help


Hi @Katz -

Thank you for asking and we’ll thrilled to have you onboard!

Once your baseline of 10 days of journaling is complete, the next step is to confirm your address and receive a small surprise from us to confirm that your Pioneer Pack (containing your sofi pod and plant formulations) will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be!

Once you’ve received your surprise, then your Pioneer Pack is officially reserved under your name and will be shipped to you following production.

(Our pioneer programs operate in waves of different plants, for example last year we trialled valerian and passiflora, and this year we’re beginning with ashwgaandha and hops (all of which are traditionally used to support better sleep and calm)!

Should you miss out on one particular wave, do not fear, as there’ll be plenty of room in the next - and we send out refills of previous plants, so you’ll even get a chance to try previous waves.

For all steps, please refer to the next milestone highlighted on your Pioneer Journey map which you can find by tapping the compass icon :slight_smile:

I hope that helps and keep up the good journaling work! Here anytime should you have any questions! x