Sofi stick | matte or shiny

So here’s a question that has no right answer, cause really it’s a matter of taste. You know we are working with aluminium on the sofi stick which means that we can finish the sofi sticks with slightly different finishes.

Applying different polishing and metal finishing before we anodise the sofi stick allows us to enhance surface finish of your sofi stick. The process is known as “bead blasting” and its designed to strip away natural surface variation in the aluminium by applying fine glass beads at high pressure . …

So the question is simple - do we go matte or shiny? I took a few quick photographs here to have you ponder this with us … naturally our lovely industrial designers will ultimately make the call but I thought to see if there are any strong views already that we should consider before making that call.

The plan will be to deploy this finish on the S3 sofi stick which we will launch in September/October. S3 will also be the build that will have a rechargeable USB C port (so no more batteries). The plan is to manufacture the S3 sofi sticks for all existing pioneers (even if you already have one from the S1 or S2 Pioneer Programs). So let’s run a little poll at the bottom of this and see how we get on … it’s sometimes hard to spot the difference in one photo so I have taken a few!

ps You are looking at the subtle difference of the aluminium part of the sofi stick in these photos - two are of the S1 (and shortly S2) variety and the two without their triggers on are of the more matte finish.

Over to you and wishing all a wonderful, restful (and not too hot) a weekend!



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Just a thought, I went for shiny simply because it might be easier to clean than a matt finish. It’s a paint thing I think. Any ideas?


I love this and actually for me one of the main considerations is finger prints on the stick and how that works aesthetically … glad to hear that is also of consideration to others … want to avoid that touch screen look on the body as much as possible. Thx for also raising this @CjaJose :pray:

Ps. But there is a pattern emerging!! :slightly_smiling_face: … will keep this poll open for a while see where it lands!


I am really surprised by the results so far. Really expected it to be pretty much 50/50 :hushed: