When are we supposed to switch sprays

I burned through the first scent am I supposed to keep journaling or dial
Up another spray


I havent had the sprays but there should be an instruction card in your box ??

I read somewhere in here that you spray for 6 days, take 1 day off then try another day.
Maybe you could search for fragrance sprays in the Treehouse? The team need a rest over the weekend so may not be back until Monday


Do please read the instruction card in your box of sprays :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @langkyle,

@drmudlark is correct! Please use a spray for 6 days, with 1 day to pause, before swapping out your formulation capsule. Of course, should you finish your fragrance early (if the spray count reads 0/70 or your capsule is totally out), do feel free to pause early, and change immediately after then.

I hope that helps!