Wondering where its actually come from

Thanks for my pebble. It’s on my moon lamp. All day I’ve been wondering where its from like what country? Was it man made or picked up of a beach haha wonder if it will bring me any luck, only time will tell I suppose, told my little neice it’s a moon stone :wink:


I’m sure I’ve read one of the sofi team picks them personally while they are on a walk at the beach or a river but not sure.

Absolutely love your moon lamp. I keep planning on making my own one somewhen.
The way they are made you can add a picture as a lithophane so it shows when the light is on. I just can’t decide what picture I want to use :joy:


Love it @fLeTcHeRrr! Your S1 Pioneer Box is reserved and will be shipped out to you very soon :slight_smile:

I’m also linking our thread with the incredible backstory of the pebbles for you below:


That story is just Wow and the pics are amazing. (Thanks for sharing)
I’m Made up I’ve found this app and can’t wait to see if it helps with my sleep anciety


so happy you are here on this journey with us @fLeTcHeRrr and that the ripples of our pebble reached you! :pray:


I suggest you put ur cute dog on it haha I seen the ones with pics on and for sure putting my dog on it haha :joy:


My dog was one of the ideas but I’ve got so many pics of friends and family I’ve lost that some of those seem fitting as well.

I’ve got a 3d printer and piles of filament for it so will probably end up making a few of them :joy:
Once my current project is finally done :roll_eyes:


I love that you love dogs and there are dog lovers contributing too. I live on my own and my late dog (of 8 weeks ago) was my absolutely best friend, aged 16 he had a great life after I rescued him from dogs trust aged 9. I deliberately chose an older dog of the breed I love as sadly they are often the ones left behind whilst the puppies and youngsters get re-homed quickly . My best friend had been overlooked for 2 years before we found eachother and it was love at first sight! Initially he came with a few understandable problems from the ordeals I have heard about throughout his life but the trust and love built quickly and I couldn’t have asked for a happier nicer dog. I wish people would consider adopting older rescued dogs, after all sooner than they think their dog will get older!
fLeTcHeRrr thanks for sharing a picture of your gorgeous friend!:relaxed:


Fingers crossed for you and everyone else who have received their pebbles that they bring you luck! And hopefully have a super special effect that induces a great night’s sleep from now on :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::zzz::zzz::zzz:

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A very appropriate picture in my opinion, after all they are our best friends!:paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

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