1st mission completed! Onwards and upwards

Hi all,
I have completed first stage although i have a little spray left in each pod which i will use up until we recieve our next batch. Cant wait for next phase xx


Wahey awesome news, how did you find your sleep throughout it? Did you find it improve significantly or slightly or even none at all? I found mine improved a fair bit :slight_smile:


Managed to get 9 hours last night aswell!


Wow 9 hours sleep! Incredible. I am lucky to get 2 hours solid uninterrupted! Being totally honest im not sure my sleep has improved but i reserve judgement until we are on to next phase. However my circumstances dont let me relax too much as i live and have cared for my mother for past 8 years, which is quite exhausting so you think i would collapse into bed but i always have one ear listening as amongst many other things she suffers with seizures.
On a plus my favourite pod so far has been the pink one, i feel this one worked best for anxiety. Keep praying for a miracle though! :pray: :pray: xx


Well atleast it’s helped your anxiety , hopefully somewhere on the SoFiMap there will be something that will help you :heart_eyes: :crossed_fingers: