I can't believe it worked

Just a quick post here first use of pod last night and I’m not sure wether it’s coincidence or pod magic but I actually slept for longer than an hour and I feel better I can’t believe it myself all my life nothing has helped I’m just hoping it’s pod magic not coincidence bring on tonight


That’s awesome! Here is to more sleep with sofi! :beers:


Great to hear pal, hopefully it becomes a constant thing for you


That’s awesome @chris.king5 and you know there’s so much that affects our sleep … the great thing for having baselined and now doing this over 30 days is we will really see those patterns of effect … but what a great start! :pray:


Wishing you a great night ahead @chris.king5
Hope you can soon state something like “slept half the night” / “woke up only once”…
Let’s be positive that it will continue!!


I have bad spinal pain that wakes me up 4-5 times a night.Last night was the first time in a year that i have only woke up once and slept well im looking forward to tonight to see if i have a good night.


That’s awesome for you let’s hope it continues with great sleep


That is a great result - a good night’s rest! Let’s see how it continues to evolve @malone.shelley … wishing you a good rest tonight :pray:


I felt tbe same.iv had 2 good nights now


I dont no if its becomes iv had 2 good nights or tbe plants,but iv been on a slight high all day :thinking:


Fantastic news! Cant wait to receive mine


That’s a super fast response so let’s keep tracking it but we are really curious at how fast some Pioneers are beginning to register an effect to our lovely valerian … then again responses to plants can be quite individual so hence why we love what we are doing together with sofi … building the worlds largest atlas of the interaction of people and plants at the individual level. Keep going! And hope you have an amazing restful weekend :pray:


So pleased for you. Wonderful to hear


I’m curious; did the magic stick with you to date?


It’s not been a consistent thing for me @t-michelle … I would say the overall direction seems to be to more consistent sleep. Now when I want to knock myself out I take six sprays before I go to bed! (I’m not recommending this but that’s the daily dose) I find it impacts me differently. The main surprise I have had myself is how much it does impact me. It sounds like an odd thing to say, but there is one thing reviewing scientific literature, there’s something incredibly rewarding when you read that it is also having an impact for quite a few pioneers, there’s another when it knocks you out. Our @vincent had to stop taking them after one bottle as he was completely knocked out. that was his experience. What’s amazing is that we are simply hitting the first few pathways of the nine different sleep and the four different anxiety pathways (two of them are shared) that we intend to activate with the plant roadmap over the next 12 months. So whilst I’m pretty sure no single plant will have an effect for every Pioneer, I would say highly unlikely that none will! Let’s see! Just at the start of our journey! Have an amazing day Tony. xx :pray:


Hi Kaveh
Just seen your post and tonight i am going to try taking 6 sprays before bed! I’ll let you know how i get on :pray: :pray: xx


@Kaveh I am so excited for this program. I think it will do great things for people and plants. Ehen people see how much plants can help, maybe they’ll be more willing to help save them and help gloval watming slow down. This is seriously a great program that I’m so glad I found and I can’t wait to get a stick and see how it helps sleep and anxiety. Maybe it could even help pain/inflammation. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:


So grateful to have you on this journey with us @slholz13 xx can’t wait to see what discoveries we will make together! We are going to start sharing some of the initial findings made thus far for some of the Pioneers who have completed the S1 program. It’s amazing to start seeing it all come together and also to hear how many Pioneers have actually responded to our very first plant! Hope you’re having an excellent weekend and Easter. :pray:


Hello @Kaveh
I had finally received my sticks and formulations - and was eagerly trying them. Of course I must also say, that I usually have very good nights and would typically get 7-8 hrs of un-interrupted sleep. So here comes Sofi (pod No 3) and messes me up completely. After the 2x3 sprays, I couldn’t stay awake - it simply knocked me out…
I tried reducing the dosage for a day; same effect…
The other weird thing: I woke up in the morning, feeling like having a hang-over.

So I have stopped spraying for now, and will get my body back to its normal state.
Then I want to try again, maybe with another Pod.

I see that you had mentioned @Vincent with a similar experience - and I wonder if @pamelaspence would have some insights to share about the possible reasons behind the effect on a few of us.

Sleep well!


Hello @laurent.rossier,

Apologies for the delay in replying- I took some time off over Easter and am just back and catching up now.

Can you clarify - that you usually don’t have an issue with sleep? Or that you were having better sleep while using the Sofi pod but switching to Pod 3 messed things up for you?

I certainly sounds like this dose was too much for you (we are all different with that too so we always have to go with a ‘standard’ dose and then adjust for the few who are different). I see that you have done that but had the same issue.

A few of my patients simply don’t get on very well with valerian and prefer a lighter herb. If that’s the case for you then hang tight for Passiflora which is lighter in character.

Hope that helps?