I'm done my pods ☺️

So I’ve done all the pods. And can now say I prefer the number 1 but the number 3 gave me the most relaxing feeling . Number 2 didn’t do much for me why I don’t know. I have a few sprays left on number 1 and 2 so I will finish them.

do we stop to see the difference in sleep pattern again?

I’m done with a stinking cold and a perforated eardrum because of the cold so sleep will be needed but it’s hard to get when you can’t breath and have tinnitus so loud that it’s keeping me awake. :persevere::persevere::persevere:


I agree with your assessment of the bottles, I felt No 1 was by far the most effective.


Surprisingly I found my last week more better than any others I was on pod 3 and I really enjoyed the taste too 🫣 think in order of my fav pods it would go

No 3
No 2
No 1 ( I’m not a massive mint fan ) :crazy_face:

Also finally got my score at 100 :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I did try and get a spray out of no3 last night/morning (1am) which I managed to get a speckle of it :rofl: not enough to get a taste though :rofl::rofl:


:thinking::thinking:I think mine would be

No 3 as I felt the most relaxation. And slept.
No 1 as I liked the taste and slept some days.
No 2 didn’t do much for me.

And part off me wants to stop the sprays to see if I go back to my old sleeping patterns. But on the other hand I do really like sleeping now :rofl::rofl:


Nooo don’t do it sonja the sleep is too nice now


But we are probably going to run out before the next lot arrive :person_shrugging: if we get the next lot :joy:


This is amazing @sonja.ekkers.77 and we are drawing up plans to resupply all completed pioneers with some more valerian ahead of the S2 Program so stay tuned … tagging @alexwalkerjones here. We are now working on creating individual Pioneer case studies for @enricovarano to study closely against the sofi score and brain … we will reach out to a handful of pioneers on an one on one basis once we have compiled the data. But stay tuned and do keep journalling and keep track of how you feel! So amazed that the very first plant we have tried has had such a positive effect for so many Pioneers … can’t wait to see what we unlock with Passiflora. :pray:


I’m surprised how quickly I noticed a reaction. I see it as a little wonder stick :slightly_smiling_face: