Advice Needed Please

I completed my first 10 days and was told i would be getting the surprise and a pack but havent recieved either, obviously i am still doing my daily journal but not entirely sure how this pioneer thing works, any advice? I struggle with my sleeping due to numerous health issue so i am eager to try anything to help.


It’s so great to have you here with us on this journey @ames1905 snd can’t wait to see which one of these incredible power plants can help you feel better … in terms of flow … once you journal for ten days I think you need to confirm address and sofi surprises get assigned … adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can follow your progress and support you thought out the journey … welcome on board :pray:


Thanks @Kaveh i am looking forward to seeing if i can get some help :+1:


Hi @ames1905 - thanks for posting! It sounds like you are doing everything right!

I can confirm that we received your address, and that your sofi surprise will be on its way to you very shortly (if not by the end of the day today)!

Once it arrives, simply upload a photo of it via your pioneer journey map (compass icon) in-app, and follow the next steps to finally get your Pioneer Pack reserved under your name!

Should you have any questions - message anytime! :blush: :pray:


@alexwalkerjones thank you so much for replying.
Happy to know i am on the right track and excited to see if this journey can help me going forward, i have felt very welcomed into your community and enjoyed reading all the info and different stories.
I cant wait to get my Sofi Surprise!