I really hope this works for me!

Hello all x I’m Daniel.
Started my sofi journey today. I have just completed my journal for the first day. I have had issues sleeping for years and have tried many things to help. Alot of it is that I suffer from anxiety and can rarely settle at night. It’s the noisiest silence there is. I am hoping that sofi will be ale to help!? We shall see 3 hours sleep a night is making me so exhausted all the time. Crossing my fingers with hope that this will help.


We are delighted to have you join us on this journey @PixieDan82 … and can’t wait to see if there is a power plant that can nudge you towards a better orbit on this … I would definitely be keen to see how you and valerian get along as that has been known to be powerful and we certainly managed to measure significant individual responses to it as we ran the first Pioneer Program. The plan is that we will circulate through all the plants for all incoming pioneers so once you manage to get your hands on one of our rare starter kits you will definitely be in a for a treat! Just keep journalling so sofi can start generating your baseline pre plant as that will be the data set against which any signals from your experience will be interpreted by sofi :pray:


Hi @PixieDan82, it may be a bumpy ride at first and it could be a while before you get to see the benefits ahead but be assured that we are all in this together. If you read some of the posts you can take heart from the way we are all pulling in the same direction giving encouragement and advice. Sleeplessness is something most of the pioneers suffer with but Sofi is offering hope to all. The administration here are top class and are on hand if you need anything at all. Just ask!
Keep journaling and good luck.