Anyone else sleep too much?

I know there are lots of people here who would do anything to get as much sleep as I do but I feel like I’m sleeping my life away.

I often sleep 10-12 hours per night and I never wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. I struggle to get things done in my waking hours and before I know it it’s bedtime again.

I’m hoping that sofi will help me to get better quality sleep and therefore hopefully not need as much of it. I’m also hoping to have a bit more energy and motivation throughout the day. I’m only just starting with the sprays so we’ll see how it goes.

I was just wondering if there’s anyone else having a similar experience to me?


Hi Izzzy,

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with too much sleep. I happen to know other people who have similar struggles. And it can happen due to sleep arrhythmia, or snoring or a combination of both. Which means you don’t get a proper rest. Have you ever looked into anything like that?


Thanks for your reply!

I know I occasionally snore but I’ve never had any heart problems before.


Well, it’s not necessarily ‘heart problems’ as this would happen only during your sleep. there’s obviously many different things it could be, so always best to check with your GP. It could even be related to your thyroid. :person_shrugging:


Hi Izzy. You are NOT alone…for sure I am right there with you. I am struggling with the same issue, albeit with constant wakenings. However, since I got my fitbit and my withings sleep mat, even though neither seems to be totally accurate, it does help me to see that although i might be in bed for 12 hours, I am only sleeping about 6-8 and not sleeping well in those hours either. It is still frustrating, but it at least helps me see that I am not nuts, as I used to think. I am also so tired during waking hours that it is hard to concentrate to get things done. The few days I do have energy, usually from a very strong starbucks drink…I get a lot done. If only I could function like that most days. Both of those tech wearables also track snoring, which definitely seems to affect my sleep when it happens, as Vincent mentioned. Also both show heart rate, and when it is high (for me from coffee/stress/some supplements too), my sleep quality is low. You don’t get much sympathy from people who sleep normally when you sleep too much do you ?!!:rofl: :rofl: I am always soooo jealous of people who sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed!