Fitness Trackers & Sleep

Hi all, I am considering getting a Fitbit to have more insights on my sleep. People who use trackers/smart watches: would you say this type of data has helped you improving your sleep? Any cons of using a tracker? Any other advice? Thanks :pray:t3:


I now have a smart watch. It doesnt help me sleep but it does help me to know the total hours if i have very broken sleep (too difficult for me to remember each bout of sleep and add them when i wake up for good).
It reports how much deep sleep i have had and how much REM sleep (i presume based on heart rate and maybe small movements perhaps) but i dont know how accurate it is.

I have noticed that if i am lying in bed but awake and listening to the radio it records that as sleep when i know i was awake. I will have to shuffle about a bit when listening to the radio! But generally I find it useful. And hey, it even tells me the time so I dont have to get my phone out! :smile:

I used to walk a lot, especially when i had my Springers; way over the 10,000 recommended steps a day. I cant do that now because of foot pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia but i have set a much smaller goal of 3000, not much i know so and i try to exceed that if i can. So i do find it helpful to know how far i have walked each day and I try to make sure I have at least acheived that modest goal.

I need to get a different strap for it as I seem to be sensitive/ allergic to silicone and my wrist can look as if I have burnt it with skin coming off!