Being a dad / running a business and not sleeping!

So I’ve been using the app and journaling for 14 days . I am amazed at how poor my sleep is when you actually chart it . Like I’m a full time dad , run my own business and I’m surviving on less than 4 hours of broken sleep a night it seems. I’m hoping when I get my spray pack life might be more sleep oriented. Anyone else feel the same ?


Welcome @RDM777
Pretty much everyone here joined to improve their sleep, i would think, whether they are an insomniac or have problems with anxiety or other issues that can affect restful sleep.

Yes, it can be quite an eye opener when you see how much sleep you actually get and how disrupted it is. I have been here for 16 months and i am now trying the 3rd plant extract from sofi. We are all different and one didnt seem to work for me, rather the reverse i felt, even though it knocked out other pioneers!

In one way I am fortunate because although i enjoyed my career very much and i miss it, because i am retired i can sleep in during the morning if i need to. The downside is I am getting old! I remember how it was when i had to get to work after a couple of hours sleep, feeling stressed, and feeling like :poop: !

I hope you find something in your journey with sofi that helps you relax and sleep :zzz:


Thanks for the reply . Yeah I agree . Sleep is hard . Being in hospitality I’ve lived a life of no sleep , heavy shifts and now I don’t work my body won’t go back to sleep mode . I’m trying not to nap during the day but it’s getting harder and harder

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I think you are doing an amazing job juggling all those things! Welcome here I hope Sofi helps you sleep x


Thank you sammy . It’s hard yes but that’s my gig you know . Dad , boss , sleepless wonder lol . Hope you are good too


I do sympathize with you. My son is older now, but I have Fibromyalgia which effects my sleep. Most nights I don’t sleep well and when I do get a good night’s sleep I feel like I haven’t slept
I can’t wait till I get my pack.

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I feel the same. Lack of sleep is a killer!

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