App update (Dec 22nd)

Good morning Pioneers!

Several hours ago we’ve released an update to the app with the following fixes/improvements:

  • Emotions are now annotated

  • All sliders (like the one with sleep hours logging below) now have a bigger “tap area”. Many of you reported that the slider wouldn’t move and we hope this fix will help.

  • No need to restart the app to enable journaling on the next day (mostly iOS users
    experienced this issue)

  • Several updates and fixes for the full launch of the app & sofi sticks

We hope this update will make your Pioneering a more enjoyable experience :slight_smile:
Please keep reporting anything that feels off and we’ll make sure to address issues/suggestions as soon as possible!

Your Digital Team @ sofi

P.S. No need to download anything, app is updated automatically. If it didn’t then just try fully closing and opening it again.


Next priorities are:

  • Enabling push notifications (long overdue, we know!)
  • Allowing to swipe right from the home screen to see what day of the program you are on
  • Enabling Pioneers to go back and finish journalling for today (stretch goal is to edit the input if it was submitted)
  • Making sure app works better on all kinds of screens on both iOS and Android

Thank you!
Good improvement!!


Thanks to our great and never resting @filipe !


Thanks for all the hard work guys :smile:


How long does it usually take for updates to show up on Google play?

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@BrandNewMe this update won’t be coming through GooglePlay! It’s done automatically and over-the-air :slight_smile: if you don’t see it (e.g. check if emotions are annotated) try restarting the app!


Ok @Kirill , it wasn’t there when I tried to do the journal today. It kept saying there was a connection error so I didn’t get to select the hours slept before it thanked me for submitting the entry. Will see if the update is there tomorrow.

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Really awesome summary @Kirill and huge effort by @filipe . Super grateful guys. :pray:

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I love the words - makes it much better!

One thing from me - I keep accidentally forgetting to log intensity, finding myself on the next screen and then when I hit the back arrow to rectify this it just says thanks and see you tomorrow, so I end up not having filled in intensity or sleep!!


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

This is something that we are fixing right now - after the update you will be able to tap “back” and land on the previous page of the journal :slight_smile:


Awesome notifications are being activated!!! Well done @filipe !!


Looking so great! And I love the changing/alternating messages :slight_smile:

@Kaveh @alexwalkerjones This was just a test :sweat_smile:


Hahaha, I see - we’ll contain our excitement and hold our horses for a bit longer! :crossed_fingers:

New app release with push notifications is coming very soon though!