App update (v2.3.0)

Hi everyone. The new app version is here (should be in the AppStore/GooglePlay when you read this)! We mainly focused on fixing bugs that you’ve been reporting lately - thanks again for being so patient and understanding :slight_smile:

Bug fixes:

  • For many Pioneers music from the bubbles experience kept playing even after closing the app. No one enjoyed that… so we made sure it doesn’t happen anymore.
  • App occasionally crashed during the calm journal experience. This was due to a third-party library used in our codebase. Bye-bye third-party library, no one will miss you!
  • Several Pioneers who had participated in S1 have already received their S2 boxes. Unfortunately, their spray counters were not reset back to 70. We are 100% sure that those new bottles are full of new formulations so we’ve fixed the counter. That said, if you’ve encountered this issue already, please reset your spray counter via a “Reset spray” button on the profile tab of your app (with great power comes great responsibility - use this button only once and only if your counter is not at 70 when starting a new formulation!).

Please keep telling us when things don’t work. And kudos to our mobile developer @mathiassilva4


Ahhh man I kinda liked having the background noise :rofl:


Sorry, this wasn’t a popular opinion :sweat_smile:


Maybe one for the next version - if you have more than one pod in the same household you may end up counting your partner’s sprays instead of yours… one pod can be picked up by more than one phone when paired. Happened to me and my other half as we’re both pioneers :slightly_smiling_face: all sorted now by logging off and pairing again, but we hadn’t noticed it for a few days. The lack of count and the formulation number on the screen gave it away. Maybe having a pairing code could prevent that? Or a simpler solution, a recommendation that you don’t change your batteries or bottles at the same time while under the same roof :crazy_face: it should be obvious, I know….


Very reasonable suggestion @fcjulia
We do have this in our backlog but have to limit the scope at the moment :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile:my fault… I got scared by the spookiness. Soaary @Aaron :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: