App update (v2.1.0)

Hi everyone,

Last night we released another update for our sofi app ( :clap: to @filipe )

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Push notifications are here! From now on we’ll be able to remind you to journal daily. We’ll try our best not to be too annoying. But let us know if we are :sweat_smile:


  • Now when journaling you can go back to the previous page to change your input (yes, without landing on the home screen with the journal being submitted for today!)

  • We’ve fixed that mysterious bug with the journal being submitted by itself. No more ghosts :ghost:

  • Weird extra padding between the moon and the slider on Android has been removed. Now it’s as beautiful as intended by our designer @josif

This release couldn’t be done over-the-air and requires an actual app update.
Some of you have automatic updates enabled and have already switched to the new version (enjoy!). If you don’t have automatic updates enabled, then you will need to manually update by going to Google Play (Android) or Test Flight (iOS) and tapping on “update” on the sofi app page.

As always, please let us know if we can help.

And please keep the feedback coming!


Brilliant, thank you @Kirill and @filipe!

I noticed sofi had updated this morning and had a little check. I couldn’t find anywhere to adjust the notification settings. So I assume that currently it’s either ON or OFF.

Could you give us a hint on how they work? Just once a day if you haven’t journaled?


Hi @vincent
There’s no user interface to adjust notifications just yet, although it’s in our roadmap. It’s indeed ON or OFF for now.

And yes, we were thinking of one daily reminder if you haven’t journaled by a certain time (e.g. by lunchtime).


Ah perfect, thanks for the clarifications :grin:


I totally misread this as going back to the previous DAY, not PAGE. :woman_facepalming:t5: I was going to ask where to go to change the previous journal entry.