App update v3.1.11

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we released an update for our app (v.3.1.11).

Most important fixes included in this version:

  • Pioneers now properly move to the next step after completing 10 days of baseline (certain users were stuck before, ooops!)
  • Baseline now consists of one journal a day while studies include two journals a day (sleep hours+bubbles in the morning and calm+focus journal in the evening)
  • various minor bug fixes and copy updates.

Our next priorities are:

  • Bringing notifications back
  • Adjusting sleep hour journal for 15’ steps instead of 30’
  • Slightly increasing bubbles floating speed
  • Implementing new analytics tool for us to see more data when Pioneers report a bug

Of course we’ll still be addressing all the critical bug reports that block Pioneers from journalling and spraying. I’ve seen several reports on “ghost sprays” and sprays not being count but we are collecting more information for now.

Please feel free to report on what’s not working smoothly in this thread. Or share your feature suggestions!


This is amazing @Kirill and a huge thx to you and the incredible sofi digital team for beginning to take the lovely :lady_beetle: though our sofj code! Hugely grateful to @mathiassilva4 @rafaelgoncalves @lucas @georges.b.rattel @breisfm and of course the awesome support from @alexwalkerjones … we are in awe :heart::pray: