Bluetooth cannot find sofi

Hmmm… have re-checked sofi accessibility in Apps and even plugged the capsule in for a couple of hours, despite a previous charge three days ago. Yesterday evening, all I got was a flashing GREEN light, which is no longer present this morning. Any ideas, guys?


I experienced same this week.
Flashing green light is to notify pod needs charging.

I take the capsule out unless im ready to journal or spray. The charge lasts a day whilst 80°+ weather is here. It finds bluetooth easily each time. Hope you figure it out

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Thanks, @pocketminxuk - I guess hadn’t figured in high ambient temperatures as affecting pod discharge to such a high degree. I shall watch out for the green light in future!
Waiting for rain…



Hi @neatby

Thanks so much for your troubleshooting here!

We are aware of a couple battery-related problems, and I’ll attach the full investigation overview here but the main takeaway is to charge the pod more frequently, to remove the capsule to save on battery life in a pinch - and, should all else fail the spray count still be very very wrong, we can send your pod to our electronics engineers for a firmware update that can hopefully improve the battery life and therefore spray count!

Please let us know if any of the above works, and worse case scenario, we’d be happy to arrange for collection of your pod to be upgraded at your convenience / between Programs if you prefer :pray: :blush:

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Hi Alex

I guess what’s been throwing me is my original understanding that each charge would normally last a week, whereas in my case, it seems to be every 3-4 days. To be honest, I always have something on charge and don’t consider this to be a game changer but something I need to keep an eye on, particularly as several S2 and S3 sprays have gone undetected.

Warm wishes

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Absolutely @neatby - we slightly underestimated the drain of our rechargeable batteries and hence there will be new firmware installed for sofi pod moving forward that should significantly reduce the battery drain we have seen.

Curiously, some pods held their charge initially for the 7-10 days we estimated and have seen fallen back down to a single day or too, so there is certainly more to be learned… With each generation of our sofi pod, we improve significantly upon the last one, but seems to pick up a new bug and/or creepy-crawly along the way too!

We will get there soon!! We know we are close :raised_hands:


Aaaaanndddd … this is why we have been fortunate to be selected as the test team as well as valuable research into sleep and plant research :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For @alexwalkerjones - i remove the capsule and the charge has so far lasted 2 days before green recharge light has shown again

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