Pod was connected earlier, now says not connected

I paired the pod and was connect without issue, but now it says “pod not connected” and is not entering that i have sprayed the scent. I have turned my bluetooth off and back on, restarted my phone, logged in and out of app. What should I do?


Hi @Smbartr,

Thanks for your message and thrilled to have you onboard! Could I confirm that you are pairing your sofi pod directly in the app, and not in the settings section of your phone?

It’s also essential that the pod is charged in order to pair, so please let us know if you have any trouble there at all. Typically a full charge takes between 60-90 minutes to complete! :pray: :sofi_moon:

Yes. That was the issue. The light was blinking. I placed it back on charge, and it connected, so i guess it was just too low.
Thank you


How long should a charge last on the device?
It seems like the charge on mine doesnt last long at all to keep it paired for the day

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One of the team can tell you more but apparently if it is carried around with you and your phone it doesn’t last very long. Probably trying to connect all the time. I guess if you use it during the day you have to take it out with you.

I am able to keep mine by my bed because i only use it in the evening and it lasts more than a week.

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That’s a great question @Smbartr! This study, we slightly underestimated the drain of our rechargeable batteries and hence there will be new firmware installed for sofi pod moving forward that should significantly reduce the battery drain we have seen.

I’ll attach the full investigation overview on batteries [here] (On the performance of our third generation sofi pods (S3)) but the main takeaway is to charge the pod more frequently, to remove the capsule to save on battery life in a pinch - and, should all else fail the spray count still be very very wrong, we can send your pod to our electronics engineers for a firmware update that can hopefully improve the battery life and therefore spray count!

Please let us know if any of the above works, and worse case scenario, we’d be happy to arrange for collection of your pod to be upgraded at your convenience / between Programs if you prefer :pray: :blush: