Cleaning the pod

So i started using my pod 2 days ago and i was wondering how to clean the stick. Seem to have got some of the residue on the container and not sure if its safe to run under the tap, or what works best?
Also wondering if we can use it more than the 2 doses? I take mine after dinner and then at bed but im still awake hours later and wondered if its ok to spray again?
Really enjoying using it, except the taste :face_vomiting::rofl:


I cleaned mine with some tissue paper. You can take it apart :relaxed:


Hey @jaxlou1982,

Are you doing the three sprays twice per day? It can take weeks to build up enough to experience the positive effects, but you can always up the dose to 4 sprays if you’re half way through and see no changes.

It’s all valuable information - and every individual is different - but definitely don’t by people who are already experiencing better sleep, as it could be any unique combination of things! Hence, it’s our goal to find out :slight_smile:


I may just do that. Not finding any benefits at the moment unfortunately but i am continuing and hopeful :blush:


My fingers are crossed for you! :bouquet: :sparkles: :hourglass: