Ashwagandha pods

Hi @alexwalkerjones @krill @Kaveh I’ve done as someone suggested and put each pod in and found the one I should have started with, which was pod 3, when I put what I thought was pod 3 in, it said 62 of 70, I’ve it for 2 nights and its definitely helped, but when I i was looking for pod 3 I put in pod one and it was missing sprays, as was pod 3, so for some reason all my pods have had some used, I’m attaching

screenshots of pod 1 and 3, as I’ve been using pod 2 it shows 52 sprays, as I have 5 sprays each night. I dont know if anyone else has had any problems with less spray. Screenshots to follow.


I think what might be happening is that the sofi pioneer journey is simply designed to deliver one bottle fully, then the next and then the next @MissTQ … so I suspect when we toggle between capsules before finishing one it is currently throwing the system and counters a little bit … adding @Kirill and @alexwalkerjones here as they may have come across this more often and have some additional thoughts … in the meantime wishing you a restful and restorative weekend :pray: