When to use pod?

So my sleep hasn’t really changed, still very broken however I do settle down quicker. I’ve found that using the spray during the day when needed helps also… is there a specific way to use the pod or can you just spray as you need too?


Personally I use it in 2s throughout the day :blush:
In the morning when I wake up I spray 2 orally, then by 6pm I then spray again 2 sprays.
By bedtime like a hour before bed I spray the last 2 dose and I give it an hour and I feel sleepy! It works this way for me, so it might work for you! :crossed_fingers:
I hope this helps! :grin:


Great question @roisindrumm23 and while there is no right or wrong, we do have a few answers in a previous discussion just here in case it’s helpful to check it out! Amount of sprays per day

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