Daily journal tips

Daily journaling really helps with anxiety. Be free with what you write and keep you’re journal in a safe place. It can be online or irl. Enjoy it and don’t make it a chore. If you skip a day for some reason, don’t stress about it and stop. Try to focus on the good, the bad and the ugly each day as well as gratitude. Next time you feel down in the dumps look back on what made you feel happy that day and try doing it to boost your mood. Thanks for reading, Ava x.


That’s awesome advise and actually journalling is an amazing intervention …. It appears that becoming more self aware is a huge step to nudging oneself into a better orbit … recently we posted just such a blog on our stories … love to know what you think … :pray:


Hey, I journal daily wether it’s one line or two pages. I find it helps to get it all out my head and somewhere else. Everything goes into it good, bad and ugly. I try and include a little pic to help. (I have a small portable black and white printer). I also include my pain levels and body sensitivity as I have a chronic illness and I can have a reaction to random stuff. I some times go back over days for pick me up. It’s helps load and would recommend to anyone xx