Sofi app a daily routine

I love the sofi app and I find myself excited to wake up and fill out the moods & sleep! Does anyone keep a journal on top of the app? Would be so cool if you could do it in the app! :slight_smile:


This is amazing feedback @ameliamcfagan … what kind of additional journal were you thinking? Like a free test space where you could literally write anything …. Or something else? Adding at @Kirill and @josif from the app and design team so they can think through your ideas Amelia. :pray:


Yeah exactly that, just a place where you can write your daily thoughts which could be anything. As we do our emotions every day with the bubbles it would be good to have something along side that so we can see where we’re at :slight_smile:


I like that a lot … @alexwalkerjones with the help of the team @pamelaspence and @stephendahmermd and @Nicki have been working on an article we are going to release shortly on the power of journalling in bring the body and mind in harmony when it comes to increasing awareness and impacting ultimately how we feel (and some scientific lot on just how powerful that can be) … adding an additional free text journalling space should be an amazing addition to our standard journalling options @ameliamcfagan … so we will have to add this to the product roadmap when the digital team help us settle into our new sofi environment :pray:

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