Delivery of monthly supplies

Hi everyone.
I am running low on my supply. How long after the subscription dies the order get sent out.

Hi Meg, I found that my delivery was approximately 2 weeks after payment. Have yours turned up yet?

Hi Karen. No it still hasn’t arrived and they are asking for the June payment which I don’t think is fair.

Have you managed to get in touch with Sofi? I emailed kaveh and managed to get an answer to my query.

I emailed Alex who was the lady I was in touch with quite a while ago and have had no reply. I dont have and email address for Kaveh. Xx
I also wasn’t getting any replies when I wanted to cancel my subscription until Kaveh got in touch with me. It’s worth a try. I have 3 unused valerian pods if you would like them. I found I couldn’t get on with valerian. I’m happy to post them to you and I don’t want anything for them.

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Hi Karen . Many thanks for the email address. I will try that tomorrow.
Thankyou for your offer of capsules. I have found that the ashwagandha work best for me. I do have 2 passifora from the previous trial.
Have you given up altogether. Meg

Hi Meg,
I’ve just decided to take a break for a while just to see how I sleep. I also found ashwaganda the best for me.
I hope you manage to get your delivery issues sorted. I have my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

Hi Karen. Thought I would let you know. Kaveh replied to my email. They gad run out of ashwagandha and are making a new batch hence the delay. I think they should have told us. Glad it is getting sorted. Many thanks for your help. Meg.

Hi Meg,
That’s good news! I’m glad that you managed to get a reply. I do agree with you that they should have let you know. Hopefully you’ll get a delivery soon.
All the best. Karen.