Does anyone know what the stick is please

Hi guys
I know i am probably being really thick here but can anyone explain what the stick is?


Not all all @tinaspain - the sofi stick is the housing that holds the sofi formulation - it is designed to be pocket size or fit in your bag for on the go. Importantly, it counts every time you press a formulation and spray it orally into your mouth of the formulation that was inside the stick and helps generate a journal of when you took each plant. This journal combined with the feedback through the sofi app allow us to establish whether a particular plant is effective at helping you with additional sleep or calm. You will see some production photos of the sofi stick in the S1 Pioneer Box thread if you want to have a look. Hope this is helpful! S1 Pioneer Boxes | Updates - #72 by alexwalkerjones


Ok great thank you Kaveh! So we recieve this once we have our trial pack. Cant wait x


That’s it … and we expect to give you definitive timeline this Friday of when they are starting to be shipped out with S1 Pioneer boxes being shipped this month so stay tuned and thank you again for being a part of this journey with us Tina! :pray: