Hi I am new here

Hi I am new here and I’ve just completed my 10 nights sleep diary.

I’m informed a surprise is coming and then after that my stick. However I am still unsure of what the stick is and how it works etc.

Can anyone advise?



Hi Carina its great to have you here with us all!

So to answer your questions the stick is what your spray bottle ( so far we have received three bottles per programme all with different flavours ) will go into to administer your spray, it has Bluetooth connection that you register to your device so it counts the sprays etc used so SOFI can work her magic and compile your spray data and your journal entry data to see if your sleep is actually improving or not because everyone reacts differently to each flower :slight_smile:

Think I got it all , will tag @alexwalkerjones incase I missed anything :smiley::grin:

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Hi welcome to our community, you’ll take a little time to get used to remembering to use sofi, but as you do you may find a big difference in your sleeping. The app has been greatly refined by the wonderful team and I have found it very easy to use. It’s important to try and keep your journal at a similar time each day as well as your sprays, I usually have 3 sprays when I have my evening meal and 3 sprays just before going to bed. Hope you have as good a journey with sofi as I’ve had.

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