Pioneer Box set-up guide!

With the arrival of our S1 Pioneer Boxes into Pioneer hands happening left and right, we thought to provide a more detailed step-by-step guide on setting up your sofi stick.

To commence your journey with the plants, click to read: sofi | a survival guide for pioneers (or continue reading for a summarised version below):

To begin set-up:

  1. Start by pulling the battery tab on your sofi stick to activate the sofi electronic brain.

*You can check this by pressing down on the top of your sofi stick and making sure the green light shows. If no light shows, the battery may be out of place. Simply remove the top cap of your sofi stick, shuffle the circuit board, and try again.

  1. Making sure bluetooth is enabled on your phone, open your sofi app and select “pair my stick.” Continue until your sofi stick is paired and appears on screen (note: this may take several moments for the app to scan).

Testing plant pods:

  1. To make sure your plant pods are all correctly registering via the app, unscrew the bottom/base of your sofi stick and tilt it so gravity can help the formulation bottles easily slide in. When inserting each plant pod, make sure the spray aperture on the bottle is facing directly forward or the bottle may jam. Check the app each time to see if it recognises the right colour bottle inside your sofi stick.

*If for any reason a formulation bottle jams inside the sofi stick, do not panic. Simply remove the top cap of the sofi stick, take out the circuit board and push out the bottle using a pair of chopsticks or something similar.

  1. Once all three plant pods have been tested, begin your spraying journey with the number and colour of bottle assigned to you (see paper slip). Check back regularly to ensure that your sprays and journals are correctly registering within the app.


  1. Take a picture of your Pioneer Box and post your journey online (you can tag us on social media! Know anyone interested in participating? Encourage them to sign up at or

If you experience any problems or confusion along the way, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team (you can do this by selecting the sofi moon in the top left corner of your app). We are available everyday for technological assistance and moral support, as well as any questions that you may have.


My sofi stick doesn’t seem to be turning on (i.e. no light shows when the button is pushed). Help?!

  • If no light shows, the battery may be out of place. Simply remove the top cap of your sofi stick, shuffle the circuit board, and try again.

Oops! What do I do if one of my plant pods is jammed?

  • Don’t worry! Remove the top cap of the sofi stick along with the circuit board (sofi’s electronic brain) and push out the bottle using a pair of chopsticks or something of the like. Don’t be afraid to apply a decent amount of force and be aware that the contents of the bottle may temporarily leak.

I know which colour bottle to start with, but how will I know which bottle to go to next?

  • Easy! After finishing your first plant pod, simply select whichever colour you prefer more.

How many sprays do I take, and when?

  • The formulations will provide the most benefit to you if you take three sprays in the evenings after dinner and then a further three sprays just before you go to bed.

Does it matter where in my mouth I spray?

  • No - as long as the plant is ingested, spraying in the mouth, throat, or on the tongue is fine :slight_smile:

I’ve finished my petal but I still have some of the bottle left, do i keep going until its empty or change after the 10 days?

  • We recommend switching to a different pod after each of your petals are complete, and simply returning to finish any extra at the very end!

Helpful links and articles:


Such an in-depth guide! Love it <3

You are making everyone’s lives so much easier!


I think that was easy to understand,now to put it into practise


Thank you for this sofi team. I will receive my sofi box this weekend, and this guide will be helpful!! :pray: :smiling_face:


Hi, ive got a full set of pink petals now for pod 3 but still got some left, do i keep going till its empty or change now ive done 10 days :thinking: x


Hi @dizzypuss - this is a wonderful question and I’ll be adding it to our FAQs :slight_smile:

Ultimately the choice is up to you, but we recommend switching to a different pod after each of your petals are complete, and simply returning to finish any extra at the very end!


Aw thanks @alexwalkerjones ill defo swap for tonight, cant wait to try the next one :hugs:x


How much do you think you have left @dizzypuss ? What does the counter say when you insert the No3 pink formulation? I just wrapped up on the green one and my bottle is empty and my count is nearly empty as well …


Hi @Kaveh , it says I have 17 left on number 3 but theres defo not that much in the pod i would say between 1 and 5 sprays left if that? I know some of my earlier sprays didnt register so thats probably why? Also while I’m here, the flower that I see when I’m spraying is correct to whats in the pod but if i go to my dashboard its the wrong flower? :thinking: x


That makes total sense @dizzypuss … asking the mechanical team to look at what we can do to ease the trigger a little in future builds! Thank you again for all this awesome feedback xx :pray:


Great guide. Just received my pods and am starting now!


Best of luck!! Look forward to hearing how you get on :slight_smile:


Thank you sooooo much ok so TWO days BEHIND … but eventually GOT IT paired! 3 nights of spray and the LAST two GOOD NIGHTS


That is really awesome @natascha_mani and thank you so much for everyone in helping Natascha get there … now we pray to the gods of Bluetooth that your bridge remains in tact between your sofi app and sofi stick! xx :pray:


Thanx all … really … but that was short lived
(Totally eye rolling for being computer - tech illiterate)
I have had to uninstall… now to re instate :thinking:


Very easy to understand. Can bit wait to receive mine and carry my sofi journey on :blush:


Can’t wait to have S2 in your hands @kburley00 and help you connect with our second medicinal plant - passiflora! The harvest has been received and we are using the whole plant in this case (for valerian S1 we used the root). Extraction process is scheduled to finish in the first week of May and formulations should be bottled by Mid May. Of course when we launch we will have plenty of plant harvest extracted but for for now we work through them one by one … and nature doesn’t seem to do anything wit my a rush! I picked some of our plant sample last week from our extraction partner and the plant smells amazing!

In the meantime so grateful for your patience and do continue to baseline and journal as that just helps establish your baseline. We will have some updates on journalling which you may like as it will allow pioneers to not just be one thing but to multi-dimensionally map a few emotions at the same time.

So much more to come and so extremely grateful to have you on this journey with us @kburley00 xx :pray:


Hello i was told to upload a picture of the stone i just received to verify my address with you Alex

Here is the picture


That’s perfect @apipe0292, address is verified and your S2 Pioneer Box is reserved! Stayed tuned for updates on our production timeline in the thread linked for you here and have a wonderful rest of your week! :lady_beetle: :blush: :love_letter: