Don't write much as I'm dyslexic

Yey finally complete my 10days. Thanks for all the info you have provided me so far sofi and all pioneers.:hugs::heart: There is some really useful info. Waiting now for my small suprise. (very exited) if you don’t see me posting or commenting much it’s coz I find it hard to write sentences I’m OK saying things it’s just putting it down on paper (text) an If I did you would not understand a word I say sorry :pensive: I hate having dyslexia. I’m starting a group in a fortnight to help with it so hopefully you’ll see lots from me in the coming months.
Had a friend help me word this


Hey welcome to the community, Glad to have you here :heart_eyes:


Hi :wave:

Living with dyslexia is really difficult. Hopefully you can find some help in with the group you are joining.

Have you tried using speech to text?
On my phone it’s a little microphone symbol on the keyboard. It doesn’t like my accent sometimes so I find I have to speak more slowly but it helps me most of the time. Just need to get over that awkwardness of talking to your phone :joy:

There are definitely methods to help you manage your dyslexia. Mine isn’t gone but I push myself each day to try and improve my control over it and find ways to work around it.

Wishing you all the best with it.


Thanks Aaron, glad t be here :blush:


Thanks for this comment, yes it is stressful. Really gets Me frustrated and feel down, I’m brilliant at reading and my spellings not to bad. it’s jus writing things down it makes no sense tbh! I only heard about the app you’ve mentioned a couple of weeks ago. But for some reason it does not work. It seems to be updating constantly. It was doing my head in wasting battery and not completing the update. I think it would really help as I have to call my mum if I need to send a message or email, then have to copy and paste (so annoying) so if you know of any other app that you think would help please send me the name paid or free :blush: thanks once again


Yea it really can get you down and feel like you can’t keep up with other people. You feel like there is something wrong with you. Like you’re stupid…

BUT you’re not, there isn’t anything wrong with you at all. Your brain just works differently. You might not be good with getting words down but people with dyslexia have other things going for them.

I went through my whole school years being told I was dumb and lazy by teachers and peers.
It wasn’t untill I was 18 when I was diagnosed with dyslexia that I found out I’m just built different.

I’ve read reports that state people with dyslexia have better mechanical reasoning, can make 3d mental images in their heads, can solve problems easier, can solve puzzles without problems or can see patterns clearly.

I spent years thinking everyone could picture a fully working 3d engine in their head and move it about but I was told that not many people see the world like that.

If you have an android phone then you might already have Gboard. If not then see if you can download it.

When you have gboard you can set background to make it easier to read the board, change the way the buttons look and that microphone will turn your speech to text. I use it on all my devices to help me.

Hopefully that’s not too much of a wall of text and helps you a little.


Hi I got dyslexia.
I make mistakes and if I see them I change them if not :person_shrugging::person_shrugging: no one here in the tree house will judge us. So feel free to post. I’m from Holland originally and my Dutch spelling is even worse now as I don’t often use it. But I find the more I write the easier it goes. And sometimes someone answers back and I see I wrote a word wrong . I think oh that’s how it’s spelled​:person_shrugging::person_shrugging: and I try to remember for the next time :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Welcome to the Treehouse - a community of caring individuals; many with own issues and all with a big heart to help in our own small little ways!
Hope your exposure to this group will add confidence to communicate in this forum!


This is a really great suggestion :slight_smile:


Sorry about late reply. Wow jus downloaded Gboard and thank you so so much for all ur kind words. This Gboard is amazing :heart:
You have made my life so much easier. Don’t know how to thank you :blush:
:pensive: I get how u felt in school some people are jus ignorant/nasty.


Really glad it helps you. Hopefully it’ll let you Interact online more.


You wrote that post wonderfully!!! Keep practicing!! I have a serious and rare sleep Disorder and I believe that God gives us difficult challenges in our lives so that we can grow stronger as human beings by learning from our struggles and challenges and then using our life lessons to help others to face their challenges…
U were chosen by God to live with dyslexia so that u can learn how to live with it and overcome it and help others who have it too! Are u able to talk text instead of type??


My other half is dyslexic, but after 29 years I’m able to understand the hieroglyphics, but he doesn’t understand them most of the time. He said once that it was like trying to read or write when the letters turn into something else and literally slither together or like a snake they seem to just join up and make no sense. So i understand your retinance to write anything on here, but I’ve found everyone to be so helpful, kind, caring and understanding. No one will judge you here, keep on with the sofi, amd post occasionally to uodate how you’re going, i for one, would love to know