New app feedback

Hey sofi team, hope you’all doing well.

I’ve been using the new app for a couple of weeks now and it’s been great!

I specially like how now I can tap on a bubble and swap it for a related emotion. That’s awesome in at least 2 ways: for one, I can be more precise in my journaling; and also because it let’s me explore related emotions.

As an autistic person, the second point is specially important because if I were given all emotions at once, mixed together, I’d be lost. For example, I could easily confuse “bored” as being closer to “anxiety” than “indifferent” just because I don’t understand emotions so well.

I also appreciate that now are journaling questions about focus. That’s an important thing to track for people with ADHD.

Thanks for the thoughtful changes :slight_smile:


This is awesome feedback @rwillians … so much of what we see in health questionnaires look like forms or worst ask for really complex things like feelings to be put on a numerical scale and we really think both are really bad … so when we were thinking of bubbles was something that could really be a step forward … and you know there’s two amazing things happening when we journal in sofi … yes, we are teaching sofi about how we are before we take a plant, as we take a plant and as we stop a plant … and those are three important phases to listen to for small signals of the plant having an impact on us … but also “self-awareness” through journalling … the way becoming aware of how you feel can be the first step of really beginning to nudge how you feel … our lovely @alexwalkerjones with the help of @stephendahmermd our integrative physician and @Nicki and our inhouse psychologist wrote a piece about the role of journalling in changing how we feel … if you haven’t seen this it’s in sofi stories - on the importance of journalling …

So glad you’re on this journey with us @rwillians and have an amazing Tuesday! :pray:


Thanks @Kaveh, I’ll definitely check it out