Excited to learn to sleep soundly again

I’m excited to try this I haven’t slept peacefully in a while looking forward to trying something that sound like a natural product


Thanks for being here @Patty1118 and we are super excited to have you onboard with us too!

No doubt you are progressing through your baseline of journaling and should you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! :blush: :sofi_moon:

PS I wasn’t able to match your email from the treehouse to an account within the sofi app. It’s a great idea to use the same email for your treehouse and sofi app accounts, as this way you’ll earn sofi seeds based on your activity in the community, and to change this in the treehouse, simply navigate to the preferences page of your profile and edit email.

Kind regards and can’t wait to see what natural plant-based discoveries you make!

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