Hello to all! Sorry if this post is in the wrong place lol

Hi , this is my first time in the treehouse so wanted to say hello :wave: also, as im new and only been journaling for 8 days so far, i was wondering, will i definitely be accepted into a programme? I have struggled with sleep forever snd have been on lots of medication over the years. None of it works for me. Trying a more natural way of medicating with plants seems the only good idea right now! Nothing else works out i am desperate for some relief from how lack of sleep effects my body and my mind. I really hope that i get a chance to see if this will help me. Thankyou x


hi Kerry welcome to the treehouse, it’s great to have you here, aslong as you complete your baseline (10 days ) you should be able to get into the next programme ( I believe will be S3 for you ) will tag @alexwalkerjones to confirm this for you :slight_smile:


Ok thank you Aaron. Im looking forward to being a part of all this. And hopefully some sleep lol


Welcome Kerry , I believe Sofi will actually help where everything else has failed . Keep journaling


It’s so lovely to see you here @Kerry end there is absolutely no where wrong for you to reach to the awesome community that we have here. I can confirm that as soon as you complete the minimum baseline @alexwalkerjones will be in touch. We are already working on the S3 program even though S2 (passiflora) is going to start shipping next week. Will see how we are in terms of boxes but I suspect all new kits have already been assigned in which case you will begin to be registered for the S3 program. Super grateful to have you here with us and feel free to reach out anytime :pray:


Welcome @Kerry! It’s wonderful to have you here and fingers crossed sofi can be what nudges you towards better and more consistent sleep. :sparkles: :crescent_moon:

There are a few steps to reserving your Pioneer Pack and beginning your journey with the plants, but there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t qualify for our upcoming Program, the S3. We accept all Pioneers, all around the world, and our lovely treehouse serves as our community for supporting one another along the way.

As @Kaveh and @Aaron both mentioned, your journey begins by completing 10 days of your “baseline” journal of mood and sleep. (We are constantly tweaking this - especially now, just ahead of the launch of our S2 - so please don’t be put off by any changes you may see) :blush:

Once your 10 days are complete, and sofi has a chance to understand your current relationship with sleep, you will receive a prompt to confirm your address, and once verified (more on this to come) your S3 Pioneer Pack will be reserved under your name.

Keep an eye out for emails from us to help guide you every step of the way, and message me, or another member of the team, anytime!


A very warm welcome to you @Kerry to sofi community. Sofi is here to help us all, and it works. Enjoy and see you around :blush:


Thank you @pira :blush: I cannot wait to try this!