Way to log previous nights

Hi guys, I was wondering if there’s a way to log previous nights or connect to apple watch/fitbits to get sleep data? Im normally up at pretty unconventional hours and by the time I remember to log my sleep for the day it’s already the next day and I hate not being able to log my data :pensive:

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Hi @rstephenson67
Unfortunately there’s no way to log hours for previous nights, only for the last one. We think that for accuracy this data should be logged right away. And, to be honest, we have to pick our battles - features to develop.

Are you getting daily push notifications/reminders from the app? Let me know if these don’t work as they are quite helpful :slight_smile:


I have my notifications on but somehow they don’t appear until i open the app - kinda pointless :sweat_smile: i opted in for google calendar daily reminders and try to log it as soon as i wake up while im still in bed, so it linda became a second nature eventually.


That’s a really good point with apple health and google fit data. We have looked into this and expect to do a handshake soon … but as @Kirill pointed out he is sequencing critical updates to app I advance and we may not see this for a few more months … we would use the apple health / google fit data less for its absolute values as we find the data some times really noisy … but we are interested in using it for signals to sofi brain … like today was not a day as usual for this pioneer … we are also hoping to build an “exchange rate” between what you log into your sleep journal and the sensor data and see how consistent that remains … but for now as Gorky suggest @rstephenson67 would be great to make sure your notifications are enabled … it’s definately helped me catch a couple of days (but I still have some holes in my data) … planning to be a better Pioneer soon! :pray: