Flavour of the No.3 pod

To be honest No.3 was probably the one I was least looking forward to however after a couple days the flavour is really growing on me to the point where I look forward for that little hint of cardamon on my next spray, thanks sofi for developing this wonderful flavour :herb:.


And was just wondering what were the past flavours for valerian and passiflora as I’m interested to see what the past flavours where ?


Im hoping I will feel the same. Just had my first sprays and oh my days :confused:


So glad to hear that you’re a fan @Reece! The taste definitely changes / improves over time for me so @sarahmay86 you and I will have to power through those first 10 days!! :laughing: :seedling:

What I do love is knowing that I’m getting the real plant taste (plus a natural extract that adds to the flavour) - but in other words, it’s not all cotton candy and artificial sweetener!

Our previous flavours of valerian were mint, nude, and grapefruit, with grapefruit being the one that the most number of people liked the most, and that the least number of people liked the least (who knew mint was so divisive!). You can find the results of that flavour survey (and therefore the flavour that we will keep in production) here: S1 | and the winning valerian formulation is

To increase our understanding of plants and to give all pioneers a chance to experience some of our favourites, we’ll actually be trialling all three flavours of passiflora again with current Pioneers…so you’ll just have to wait and see to find out what those are! :wink: :s2_n01: :s2_n02: :s2_n03:


Well that’s great to hear, grapefruit sounds delicious!! Carnt wait to trial those out🙂.