Passiflora: first impressions

Disclaimer: although I’m a sofi team member, my focus is on the app/digital side so I don’t have too much visibility on things like packaging and flavours of the formulations. So sharing my honest first impressions!

I just got a pack of passiflora refills delivered to a sunny (boiling actually) Montenegro. Loved the box itself as well as an informative little guide inside :slight_smile:

And then I couldn’t resist from spraying the no.3 once… So here’s a thing: I hated valerian during S1. I had to spray it regularly because it’s my job to test that everything works but the flavour was unbearable for me.
Passiflora is so much better I couldn’t believe it. I’m not great at describing flavours but it’s just a bit sweet and very refreshing. I hope two other bottles are as good or better!

@Kaveh seems like this new flavour house is a huge improvement for sofi! But let’s see what others think :slight_smile:


Pleased you like it @Kirill … it was always going to be easier as instead of root (valerian) we are working with the whole plant with passiflora …. But of course it doesn’t harm to have additional capabilities around our sofi from our flavour and fragrance house! :pray: