Good News (and bad)!

I have just received my first pack of sofi stick and pods. Unfortunately the pods were all loose in the box so, although the enclosed card says ‘start with n.01’, I do not know which pod is which.
Also, when I scanned the QR code, the set-up coach states that I should have a green, blue and pink plan

t pod but I do NOT have a green pod (see attached photo).

Thanks in advance,


It should go I believe in this order, dark blue , purple then pink, @alexwalkerjones can you confirm this ? But blue should be No1 or is what I’m using it as anyway :rofl:


Hi @Milli47 - Not to worry! Indeed our QR code reflects the colour of plant pods from our previous program the S1.

To know which bottle to begin with, simply match the colour on your journey begins card (n01 is dark blue, n02 is purple, and n03 is pink).

The treehouse emojis are actually how I remember as a quick hack! :s2_n01: :s2_n02: :s2_n03:

Of course, once your initial plant pod is used, feel free to choose whichever plant pod you wish to try next!

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Thanks for the quick response Alex. Can’t wait to start on my ‘sleep programme’ tonight👍

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