Recieved s2 pioneer programme

Revieved my s2 just now, thank you so much sofi team :blush: box was rattleing aboit and sprays were all over in the box so im unsure which cokour is which number as when i scan the qr code the video is mention greennis No1? There isnt a green one. Please could i have a heada up on which is which. Im huessing the bright pink is No3 with the little tag noting start with No3. Any help please wouod be really appreciated :pray:


My Sofi passiflora pack arrived today so I will be spraying tonight after quite an interval. Hoping its as good as I anticipated. Thanks to all at Sofi for their hard work and commitment.

Is the return wrapper to be used for the S1 stick and the used pods?


They all look so pretty. Well done @alexwalkerjones @Kaveh and all @sofi


Ahh! So happy to hear @kburley00 - that is amazing news and we can’t wait for you to begin. Your journey card is pink, so that’s where you’ll begin (same as what I got!)

For reference though, n01 is dark blue, n02 is purple, and n03 is pink :blush: The treehouse emojis are actually how I remember as it’s easy to forget! :s2_n01: :s2_n02: :s2_n03:


Hi @CjaJose, so excited they made it to you! And yes, the return envelope is for the used pods so they can be cleaned, repainted, and re-used for future programs!


Omg mine is here too! :heart_eyes:


Ah I was going to ask about the return envelope too but that makes sense, obviously I won’t return the stick itself because I need that and I managed to change the battery too. Took me about 3 seconds to change it.