Hacks for S1, we all like hacks right? 😁

Hi Pioneers! Ive got a couple of hacks for you all, here goes…
Firstly, a hack for your stick to save battery life, cos we all know those cheapies from Amazon just dont cut the mustard! Simply cut a piece of plastic using the battery as a template with an extra bit sticking out of the side. This piece of plastic slides in the back of the Sofi stick (you don’t even need to take the cap off the top) just aim for the slot at the back and it automatically slides under the battery, in essence giving it and on off switch. I used mine like this for a few weeks and never had a problem, just pull the plastic tab out before spraying and then pop it back till next time…

The next hack is so cute, i found a use for my Sofi Surprise Pebble bag…
Got tired of buying the trolley tokens on the little clips cos they kept breaking so now i just carry a £1 coin in the pebble bag which hangs on my keys, again, been doing this for weeks now and not lost any yet!!! X😉


Absolutely amazing @dizzypuss :pray:


So brilliant! And love the idea of the £1 coin purse, I’m forever forgetting to bring one with me when I need a shopping trolly #justbritishthings :blush:


These are great ideas !!! Thanks!!!


Oh, you are so welcome!!! :blush:


Love it @dizzypuss! Your idea with the little plastic will certainly save me some $$$ as well as the environment :heart_eyes:

And using the pebble bag like that is awesome!