Had a good night sleep 💤 but now feel more tired

Can anyone relate? I hardly ever get more than 6 hours sleep. But slept really good last night , only one time I woke up but fell back asleep soon after, i must have had just over 6 hours last night. It’s now nearly 14:30 and can’t stop yawning and feel tired. So why do I feel more tired than when I don’t get the good sleep :person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging:


I can relate , once in a while I get a good night and then I’m just so groggy throughout the day, I presume its because our body isn’t used to it :laughing::grin:


We are damned when we don’t sleep. Damned when we sleep. :weary::weary:


Completely get where you are coming from…


I think our bodies get use to functioning on little sleep you know.Its been years since I’ve slept more than 5 or 6 hours and I always wake up in the night …on the very rare occasion I’ve managed more sleep I don’t feel better or well rested .It’s strange.


you must have a lot of catch-up sleep to do…
without having any research to back this up, I would super strongly recommend that you do some exercises (not the normal routine with the horses etc) and try to stay awake till you reach a reasonable time to knock off. Then do some sort of a calming routine and go to bed a tad earlier than you are used to.
No stress if it doesn’t work to give you a second great night - but be grateful that you have tried and had that sort of experience.


Well I had two days a good night sleep. Yay :grinning::grinning: and as a punishment I’ve now had two really bad nights . So I’m all leveled out again :joy::joy:the weather is horrible. Everything feels like a drag at the moment can’t wait for spring.