Good sleep,wake up shattered

I had a really good long sleep last night,and only woke up once in the night.
So why do I feel so tied this morning does anyone else get this when you haven’t sleep well for days,and then you do only to be followed by a day of feeling so tired.
I just don’t get it.


I feel like this when I do get a good night sleep too, I’d presume for me it could be because my body isn’t used to it now :laughing: or just could be sleep intertia ( the process of waking up and being all confused and groggy) but who knows :grin: maybe someone else has thoughts on this ?


I get that all the time … whenever I actually have a long sleep I wake up many times feeling hung over … another example is when I take a break after a long sprint I seem to fall apart and get sick … it’s like when you take a break from your usual patterns your body let’s you know just how much abuse it’s taking.

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very true… and NOT meant to be interpreted to reduce sleep but hopefully followed by many more nights of long sleep…

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Fair point! Time to try some ! Night night all xo