The ups and downs of sleep

I had the best nights sleep I had in years, i had 5 hours of unbroken sleep on saturday/sunday, and then i went off back to sleep and slept intermittently until 10am, i think my body just decided i needed sleep, or the 2 gin and tonics helped!! Though i rarely drink, i had s friend visit and had a couple of large g&t’s, if I drink a whole bottle if gin a year, thats a lot!! I felt really good yesterday, and though I am in pain, I managed to do my Sunday chores, then last night, didnt have any alcohol and my sleep was awful, 3 hours in total, but never more than 40 mins, I’m quite looking forward to Thursday when i have my op, I will have at least 6 hours of deep sleep, which im sure my body will appreciate. I to bed exhausted and get up even more so, but having a couple of g&t’ may have helped, I’d rather not become an alcoholic!! I’m patiently waiting for my sofi stick. Fingers crossed its soon. Thanks for making me the new user of the month !!!


So pleased for you having a great sleep long may it continue :muscle:


I have everything crossed.


I totally get you. I had a very rare, actually unheard of, full night’s sleep a few months ago after a Friday evening dip down the beach with a couple of girlfriends and a couple of gins. They say that alcohol doesn’t help sleep but when it’s gin + relaxing times with friends, it definitely does! :cocktail: