Has anyone used the spray while on antibiotics?

Got my kit just before Christmas but been poorly so haven’t started it yet. Has anyone else used their while on antibiotics or medication? I know it’s completely natural but some natural plants can effect some medication.

Merry Christmas Sofi peeps xx


Hi @Fion68,

Thanks so much for your message!

While all our formulations are 100% plant-based and natural, when it comes to potential contra-indications or drug-nutrient interactions, it’s essential to speak with your doctor before beginning with sofi.

As such, we’re unable to provide medical advice, however, I can provide you with some links and info that may help, especially to be shared with a medical professional:

The ingredients lists for each of our formulations is available on our website here along with further safety data:


Thanks so much, I ended up in hospital so didn’t start the sprays. But home now and off meds and looking forward to trying out the sprays