Such a shame I cannot use with current medication

It is such a disappointment for me that I cannot use the sprays due to being newly prescribed for high blood pressure. I have been informed that I should not use the spears with my current medicines. I am really disappointed.
I will return the whole pack back to you and hope it goes well for everyone that uses it.


Hi @Angel62,

It’s great to have you onboard and sorry to hear that you are contraindicated for sofi at this time, but it’s always better to be safe! We’re glad you spoke with your healthcare provider before beginning with the sprays and fingers crossed you’ll be able to participate safely in future with other plants :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Inside your Pioneer Pack is a prepaid shipping label, so to ensure that there’s no cost to you, please feel free to return your Pack to our lab using this label (you will need to provide packaging of your own) - and super grateful to have you here in our community nonetheless. xx

So sorry to read that @Angel62
How frustrating and disappointing for you.

Lets hope that some of the other herbs can help you in future x

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