Antidepressants and Sofi?

Just wanted to ask if you can use sofi taking antidepressants and if so is there anyone that reduced their meds due to it?
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It’s always best to speak to your GP on stuff like this :slight_smile:


I’m interested in knowing this aswell actually

This is quite an interesting topic


Thank you… GPs normally only go by studies already established so new products are always a blank card


Evening @Komarmaster and so lovely to hear from you. Now these plants have been picked because there is peer reviewed published data on them acting on different pathways of sleeplessness and anxiety … and further more we have partnered with a global leading centre of excellence on plants - The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew whose science team checks each harvest that goes into the pioneer programs against their living collection of that species at Kew and uses liquid and gas chromatography to fingerprint our harvest for authenticity against the real species ….

So we expect they folks will find definitely benefits and some of these plants are known for targeting the same pathways as prescribed medication. Having said that, and as @Aaron suggested, it is always best to consult with your GP as there maybe effects that impact your current medication - so always sensible to check.

But we won’t be too surprised to find that some of these incredible power plants hit the same pathways as those of prescribed meds … but they do so very differently … also adding @pamelaspence our lovely medical herbalist who may be able to share more :pray: but excited to have you on this with us @Komarmaster


Thank you ever so much for your reply,
This program seems really great to me and even just journaling each day… as I haven’t received my pebble yet… make me few better… makes me stop and think of how I feel and evaluate my day and night… I have full believe in herbal benefits so can’t wait to actually try it…
Once I’m in the position of using the products I will consult my doctor just in case… but I’m sure I will be fine :blush: thank you ever so much for your reply it’s nice to be heard and be provided with answers so quickly and in approachable way have a good one Michael


Hi @Komarmaster and welcome to the Treehouse! Glad to have you here :slight_smile:

As @Aaron and @Kaveh mentioned it is always best to check with your doctor on this and definitely agree a plan of action before changing the the dose of any medication you may be on.

As well as being picked because of the research, the plants we work with also made the short list because they have a long history of being used by herbalists like me to help our patients achieve better sleep and less anxiety. In fact, I go through gallons of each of them in my clinic every year!

The lovely thing about herbal supplements is that side effects are unusual and they are not habit forming, they support the body, like a tonic. I think of it like tuning up the body systems rather than taking over function like pharmaceuticals do (and we all need that sometimes!). However they sometimes use the same pathways and for that reason it is always best to check with your doctor or medical herbalist in case there any potential clashes.

We have pages on the website that give information on each plant and make it easy to share with a healthcare practitioner:
You’ll find them at:

Hope that helps :blush::herb:


@pamelaspence thank you ever so much for the message… I have a great love for herbalism as I am quite spiritual as well… it all looks happy I have shared it with my friends on Facebook etc…
Thank you for supporting the previous message about getting in touch with my doctor which I will…
I would love to swap pharmaceuticals to natural herbs and looking forward to showing and introducing as many people as possible to it…
Once again thank you so much



I agree the nhs recommendations I think are a bit outdated

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They say they base all on clinical trials but I personally think there isn’t enough of those… natural remedies should be the way forward