Haven't received the product yet

I’m excited to receive the product I don’t know when I will get it I hope that it helps me sleep I read a lot about it and what people have said and I’m looking forward to the study thank you


There will be an update when the next batch is ready. You need to keep doing your journal until you receive your pod


I’ve been doing it for 10 days and will continue thank you anything else I need to do I want the study


After your baseline journalling, you will be asked for your address. The steps are shown on the first page - look at the compass icon bottom right.

Then a pebble will be sent to you to upload a photo (many are on this page at the moment). This is to confirm that when the pod and sprays are sent out, they will reach you wherever you are.

Once you have uploaded a photo of the pebble a reservation will be made for you to receive the pioneer pack when processing of the next plant spray is completed.