How do i reserve aPioneer package please?

How do i do it? I cant find it


@bekki39 lovely to see you here in the community … have you had a chance to complete your baseline yet? Adding @alexwalkerjones to make sure we support you with this … essentially you baseline yourself for ten days with the app alone … this gives us an opportunity to establish what normal is like for you … then we confirm your address with a sofi surprise and ask you to send a photo back … this makes sure that when we ship you sofi pioneer box or formulation that it can reach you. Finally we reserve you box either from the current production of S1 units or pre register you to receive one of the boxes from the next. Hope you are having a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you here and following your progress xx :pray:


Hi @bekki39 - I can see your baseline is complete, and you’ve confirmed your address, and currently there is a very special sofi surprise headed your way!

Limited spaces remain in the current wave (the S1) so as soon as your pebble comes in, make sure to upload it here right away! ==> Pioneer Verify Address - Image Upload (or send it over to me directly, whichever you prefer!)

As soon as that’s done your Pioneer Box is reserved and will be shipped your way!