How long does it take to get my gift then the box

Hi, it seems like forever. I have been journaling for about 3 weeks. I have a very hard time falling & then staying asleep… feels like forever!


Welcome @tom.besch to the community. I don’t have an answer for you but great to see you here and I’m sure sofi team will get back to you shortly. :blush:


It’s so lovely to see you here with us @tom.besch … have you yet received your sofi surprise? Adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can check on that! :pray:


Hi @tom.besch - Wonderful to see you in the treehouse!

We received confirmation of your address on Sunday, which means your pebble is going out in the current wave (which happens to leave pebble HQ today), so you can expect it to arrive soon!

We still have a handful of Pioneer Boxes to be claimed for the S1 wave - and regardless, your Box will be reserved as soon as we receive that photo confirmation from you of your surprise! You can upload it here or email me directly at!

Keep up the amazing work journaling in the meantime and please reach out if you have any questions!


Got email saying sofi surprise being sent but not received and it has been a week now. Can anyone check this for me please?


Hi @dcm.leeds, I can confirm your pebble is on its way, and should make it to you soon. :blush: :love_letter: Make sure to upload an image here or share one in the treehouse once it’s arrived so we can reserve you a Box!

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Thank you. Will post photo as soon as it arrives. Very excited to be.on this journey.