How often are people using the spray?

I’m having a hard time figuring out when to use the spray? Is it when ever you feel like it?


Things are getting more confusing now for other pioneers to help since we dont know who is talking about the mouth sprays and who is testing the fragrances.

Do you have any suggestions in the card that came in the box? (about when to use the sprays, how often, and how many sprays at a time?)

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Thank you l! I will read the card again


I hope it has some info for you.

I can’t help with fragrances I’m afraid because they are a new product issued to some new pioneers.

But @alexwalkerjones will be back on Monday if not before (the team need a break at the end of the week!)


Hi @Bonnielg1 - for our fragrances, please feel free to use them however you like. This can be sprayed into the air, on skin, or surfaces such as clothing, etc., and you can use them as often as you like throughout the day, we just ask that your sofi app is open while you sprays to ensure that each press is able to be tracked :blush: