Fragrance or mouth spray? S4 focus

I have a question! When signing up for this study, it was advertised as a fragrance study. I even received the card in my box that went over instructions and it says what I received are fragrances. As I’m reading topics in the discussions, some people are saying that they are using the spray in their mouths. One of the posts that goes over the directions on here even says to spray the spray in your mouth 3 times each use.

Am I in the wrong discussion posts? Thanks for any clarification!


I think there will be two products… the sprays for your mouth but also fragrance sprays but these are only tested with a limited group hope this helps


The fragrance study is new, to a subsample of people, with white smart pods. The herb mouth sprays are different and have been going since the start of the trials.
Do NOT spray the fragrances in your mouth. They wont hurt you but they are to be used either on you, on your clothes, or in the room

Just follow the instructions in the box. I havent had these but i believe that you do 6 days, have 1 day off, then try a different one.


Hi @Lwells27 - and welcome onboard as one of our first fragrance pioneers! I’ll link you to a thread that should help to explain both types of the formulations we have activated on our systems:

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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Thank you for the clarification!

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